What life now is

Body aches
Yet all I feel is
Mind distant
As my thoughts drift on
Towards ‘what ifs’, ‘if only’
To avoid the reality
Of what is.

Heart breaks
An inconsolable pain
Sinks inside me
Emotions collapsing
Distracting me from
The reality
Of what is.

Silence looms
Our house no longer home
What warmth there was
Has gone
Eyes lingering
On the reality
Of what my life now is.

~ Greywatcher



Slowly slipping backward

As my heart beat

Speeds up

The cracks break open

Pain overwhelming

As my blood

Starts rushing

Out old wounds


Tears start swelling

With a blink

They begin falling

Down the face

Of a stranger

Staring at me

From the depths

Of my mirror

What has happened?

In this moment

I thought I was better

Healed from such battles

Yet I succumbed

To a weight

So massive

That was carried

Upon my shoulders

Within me

I was poisoned

By a pain

So ancient

Locked away

Never dealt with

I understand

Why I slipped backward.


~ Greywatcher

For you, I was waiting.

Each breath, another moment

Another beat to the rhythm

Of my life in a world

That you have abandoned.

Each moment, I find myself waking

Up to emptiness

An aching loneliness

That I cannot escape.

I feel anger rising

Only for it to be washed away by shame

By pain and tears

That continue falling.

For you, I was waiting

In a nice dress, tidy hair

Makeup on and no children to attend

But then came the moment

I found the letter

Your confession

So delicately written

Of why you would not see me

Tonight or ever again.


For you, I am waiting

For closure, to say goodbye.


~ Greywatcher


Slowly Waking

From this dream

I am slowly


Vision blurred

As my mind keeps


To comfort,



Things I have

When sleeping and


Being in

A world of my


A world where

I am never


A world where

Everyone is

Like an

Echo that

Thunders through a



My ego and


Yet this dream

Is now fading


My minds grasp

Is slipping as

I am


The world outside

This dream.


~ Greywatcher

Its been how long?

I feel like I’ve been sleep walking

Feet stumbling through another world

Repeative motions mixed with passive emotions

Day in and day out.


Its been how long?

Since I jumped off the wheel

Since I indulged myself

Since I had the time to be myself

With those who I love as themselves.


Its been how long?

Since I wrote, since I followed

A dream, a desire

Embraced something

That was true.


~ Greywatcher




Don’t Wait (Daily Prompt: Invitation)

Feet stall, heart thuds against your chest

Palms sweat as the fear sinks in, deep

Thoughts blur as though smothered in fog

What is it that scares you?

That seizes you on your path.

It’s as though you are waiting

For an invitation to follow, your dreams

For recognition, that the path you are taking is acceptable

Not to you, but by them

Those who surround you

Watching, witnessing

Each failure and success

Those who either cheer for you, or hold you back.

You hesitate, fearing what you would lose

If you made the decision

To chase your dream, your vision, your fantasy

Whatever you wish to call it

That path towards it will be difficult

A struggle, which would test you

A struggle, which will change you

Challenge you, shape you as you reflect

With each step towards becoming

That person you need to be

To achieve your highest dream.


~ Greywatcher

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

Don’t Blame Me

Arms around me, a solid embrace

Whispered words, like velvet

As you tell me

Don’t scream.

A cold burning sensation

Fires through my nerves

As an old wound re-opens

Tears fall from my eyes

As I realise the dagger you clutch

Has been in your hand

The whole time, carefully hidden

With seductive manipulation

Beautiful words that hid poisonous lies

You loved me, would protect me

From the world you claimed was against me

My brain clicks, I see it

You isolated me, made me dance

Like a puppet on a string

The song was yours, never mine

A sob escapes, it’s myself I blame

For being so weak

Foolish to believe

That something so good, could happen to me.

Droplets of blood

Fall from the blade

As you remove it, once again

A flicker, a spark of my life before me

I see it now, the truth I needed

To escape, be free from these chains

I scream, for life, for me

I see it now

You are a monster

Who preys upon the weak.


~ Greywatcher

Last Moment Together

Just let me watch

A little longer

So I can find my place

Amongst the stars

Knowing that these moments are my last.


Let me show you

Where you can find me

When your eyes gaze upwards

To the star-filled heavens

Heart aching to hear my laugh.


Hold me closely

So I can find comfort

In the strength of your beating heart

Knowing that my life

Will be remembered by those I loved.


Smile with me

Laugh as though nothing is wrong

Let us stay in the moment

And forget about those final grains of sand

Trickling through the hourglass of my life.


~ Greywatcher

Just Breathe (Daily Prompt: Relax)


Just breathe

I know the sudden


Can be




Your mind

Think beyond the box

That contains you

Relax now

And just breathe.



Of truth

Are unsettling and

Conflicting with

Your thoughts

And beliefs.



And see

With mind open and


That lies

Surround us.



Just breathe

Either choose to speak

Or return to

Your sleep

And forget.


~ Greywatcher

via Daily Prompt: Relax

Journey of Life (Daily Prompt: Moody)

Life is just a journey

A rollercoaster ride for the insane

With twists and turns

And loops of many sizes.


Many choose to take the ride

Blindfolded with earplugs

Rammed tightly into their ears

To avoid the different music and sounds

That the rollercoaster provides

For they only want to hear

The music they have chosen

That they believe is

The music to life.


There are those who choose

To ride again, hoping for an improvement

From the last time they rode.

They find a better seat

That is comfortable, with a better view.

Around they ride

Through the twists and turns

With the comfort of knowing

Their pocket holds a blindfold

Should the ride become to


Then there are those who sit

Up the back, in a moody silence

As they watch the people come and go

From the journey that takes place.

They have long given up on their task

To teach, to guide, to inform

For the ignorant

Will not listen

To reason or wisdom

Gained from an eternity of rides

For they know these people

Only seek comfort

In the ride.


~ Greywatcher


via Daily Prompt: Moody