Don’t Wait (Daily Prompt: Invitation)

Feet stall, heart thuds against your chest

Palms sweat as the fear sinks in, deep

Thoughts blur as though smothered in fog

What is it that scares you?

That seizes you on your path.

It’s as though you are waiting

For an invitation to follow, your dreams

For recognition, that the path you are taking is acceptable

Not to you, but by them

Those who surround you

Watching, witnessing

Each failure and success

Those who either cheer for you, or hold you back.

You hesitate, fearing what you would lose

If you made the decision

To chase your dream, your vision, your fantasy

Whatever you wish to call it

That path towards it will be difficult

A struggle, which would test you

A struggle, which will change you

Challenge you, shape you as you reflect

With each step towards becoming

That person you need to be

To achieve your highest dream.


~ Greywatcher

via Daily Prompt: Invitation


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