Don’t Blame Me

Arms around me, a solid embrace

Whispered words, like velvet

As you tell me

Don’t scream.

A cold burning sensation

Fires through my nerves

As an old wound re-opens

Tears fall from my eyes

As I realise the dagger you clutch

Has been in your hand

The whole time, carefully hidden

With seductive manipulation

Beautiful words that hid poisonous lies

You loved me, would protect me

From the world you claimed was against me

My brain clicks, I see it

You isolated me, made me dance

Like a puppet on a string

The song was yours, never mine

A sob escapes, it’s myself I blame

For being so weak

Foolish to believe

That something so good, could happen to me.

Droplets of blood

Fall from the blade

As you remove it, once again

A flicker, a spark of my life before me

I see it now, the truth I needed

To escape, be free from these chains

I scream, for life, for me

I see it now

You are a monster

Who preys upon the weak.


~ Greywatcher


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