Journey of Life (Daily Prompt: Moody)

Life is just a journey

A rollercoaster ride for the insane

With twists and turns

And loops of many sizes.


Many choose to take the ride

Blindfolded with earplugs

Rammed tightly into their ears

To avoid the different music and sounds

That the rollercoaster provides

For they only want to hear

The music they have chosen

That they believe is

The music to life.


There are those who choose

To ride again, hoping for an improvement

From the last time they rode.

They find a better seat

That is comfortable, with a better view.

Around they ride

Through the twists and turns

With the comfort of knowing

Their pocket holds a blindfold

Should the ride become to


Then there are those who sit

Up the back, in a moody silence

As they watch the people come and go

From the journey that takes place.

They have long given up on their task

To teach, to guide, to inform

For the ignorant

Will not listen

To reason or wisdom

Gained from an eternity of rides

For they know these people

Only seek comfort

In the ride.


~ Greywatcher


via Daily Prompt: Moody


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