An Unbelievable Strength (Daily Prompt: Panoply)

Look here

At my panoply of beads

Each one

A sign of strength

Each one

Another step

Towards being free.


The pain

I endure is not just from

Needles and side-effects.


My strength

Goes beyond, the hospital door

The treatment and tests.


The strength to hold my mother’s hand

And whisper ‘It will be fine’

The pain to see my father’s tears

Falling silently from sleepless eyes

The strength to make plans

For the future that might not come

The pain to feel hope

Only to be told, ‘another round’.


My greatest strength

Is to keep fighting

Keep hoping and saying

‘I will be fine’

Even when it looks dark.


~ Greywatcher


via Daily Prompt: Panoply


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