Symphony of our World (Daily Prompt: Liminal)


It is here

In this liminal place

Between life and death

I find myself

Staring down at the world

Feeling sorrow as though

I listen to the song

A symphony

About our journey

Through time.


In some moments

Some instruments are

Loud and commanding

Drowning out all sound

Until they are bought

Back into line

Reminded that

There are other instruments

Contributing to the song.


Some instruments

Are subtle and mysterious

Heard only by those

Who take the time to listen

And understand.


Each life, an instrument

Each life, a note in the song

My sorrow comes

From the instruments that

Are forever silenced

Broken by the ignorance

Of those around them.


~ Greywatcher

via Daily Prompt: Liminal


Image used: © 2016 (Universe Wallpaper)


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