Only In a Dream

I am struggling

To understand

Is the world waking up?

Or still slumbering

Oblivious, to what’s at hand?


Did we see the strings?

The ones they tug at

To manipulate the dance.

Did we hear the whispers?

The ones that change

Our voice in the song.

Or are we still singing and dancing

To their direction

In a script they designed.


I wonder how long it will be

Until we remember

When those in power

Didn’t have to pull strings

Or manipulate the collective

Through a game of whispers.


Sadly, I fear

It is just a dream

Playing out in my mind

As I mourn the world

That could be.

Where we have learnt to live with

And embrace diversity

Rather than using it

As a weapon to draw sides.

Where we teach empathy and compassion

Rather that profit and pride

Where we remember

The real purpose of our lives.


~ Greywatcher


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