Every Night, Wide Awake.

These nights

I find myself

Eyes wide

Mind blazing

As I wonder

Do you feel the same?


Do you have

The same regrets as me

About going out that night

The same worries

About the future of your life.

Though most of all

I wonder

How did you become the victim?

Of your own crime.


When you think of me

Do you understand my anger?

Burning behind those layers of shame

Placed upon me by those

Who feel that I am to blame

And place me as

The perpetrator of this crime.


They voice their opinions

Without facts or consideration

Or compassion

For the wounds that had be inflicted

Upon my body and soul.


They protest in his defense

That it was

My clothes, a beacon

A lure for his attention

My socializing, an invitation

For his inappropriate advances

My kindness, in conversation

Consent for him to do as he pleased.

I try to remember these are

All excuses to belittle my defense.


My defense

Was an action

Where I tried to walk away

And a word

Just one word


Repeated many times

Aloud and in my head.

So now every night

I am left to wonder

Does he?


~ Greywatcher


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