Secure in your Belief

You watch on


As those in power

Set fire to the world.

You justify

Your silence

Because the flames have not touched you yet.

They have not consumed

Your freedoms

Your property

Your identity

And so you watch on

In silence

Ignorant to the chaos approaching

Clinging to your belief

That you will not burn.


Despite your strong belief

And false security

It will not be long

Before you see the flames

On the horizon

Slowly creeping

Towards the walls you have built.

You pull your curtains

Secure in your belief

That you will not burn.


A voice calls out

As chaos begins to consume

The community you are in.

Curiosity itches

So you take

A small peek

And witness your neighbor burning

Struggling to save

The little they have left

From being consumed by the flames.

Quickly you retreat behind your wall

And drown out the chaos

By turning the television up loud

Where the reporters tell you

There is no fire

It’s a lie

So enjoy today’s sunshine.


~ Greywatcher



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