I Only have so much strength to Give

I witnessed you

Throw yourself

Head first into the raging river

Without a thought

About those who stood beside you

You just knew

You didn’t want to swim.


You wanted

To be dragged under

By the strong current

Bashed against the jagged rocks

So someone could notice

The pain on the outside

That now mirrors what’s in.


I noticed

And I dived in

After you, reaching out

Grabbing ahold

I wanted to give you my strength

To swim.


I struggled

To keep your head above the water

So you could realize

How cherished you were

To those in your world.


Soon others joined me

Grabbing hold

Pulling you

Above the water.

Yet together

We still struggled

Begging you

To swim.


We took a beating

As we kept fighting for you

Because you told us

You wanted us

You needed help

To overcome your pain

So you could live

And feel happiness again.


But your inaction

To move, to swim

Lead people into frustration

As they began to see

That you would not fight

For yourself, for life

Even though you wanted it

And continually told them

You did.



One by one

They let go

Because they had given all they could

Only to see no fight

No change.


Again, I was alone


As you began to drag me down.

I begged you

To fight for it

Because I cannot swim for you

I begged you

To find a reason to swim

Because I only have so much strength to give

And I need to let go

Before I drown as well.


~ Greywatcher


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