There for me.

Only a good friend

A true friend

Will see the scars

Upon my soul.


The cuts will heal

The bruises will fade

Yet the memory

Of that damaging event

Will never fade.


Its influence will linger

Like a demon in the darkness

Its presence drapes over me

For me to wear

Like a cloak of shame.


I return amongst them

Different, and they know it.

They sense I am broken


Not normal, by their standards.


That ignites the conflict

That was already flaring

Since that event

That damaged every part

Of my being.


At first I knew I was the victim

For I did not ask for what happened.

But all around me

I heard

Their gossip, their whispers

And the harsh criticisms

Of how I asked for it

That is was my fault

That I made myself a victim.


Like a true friend

You came to my side

And reminded me

That the scars upon my soul

Are not there because of me

My gender

How I dressed

Or where I went.


They are there because a person

Did not respect me

Did not consider me

As they put their need

Above the damage they would inflict.


~ Greywatcher


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