The victim, or a lie?

There are those of us

Who cannot handle the drama

And pain that exists

In most relationships

Between friends

Between family

And those we have just met.

So we protect ourselves

By retreating inwards

Locking our self behind

A solid door

Talking only to those

We trust

Confiding only in those

We love.

Not long after the door closed

We realize

It cannot protect us

From those who want to hurt us

Use us in their games

Of power and manipulation.


Tell me

Do you always believe the person

Who positions themselves as a victim?

Telling tragic tales of betrayal

Tales that sway you to their side

Because they know that

In the position of the victim

They cannot be seen as the villain.

Or are you detect

The lies that create

The tales they spin

As soon as they open their mouth?

Is it because the villain they are painting

Is a dearest friend you know too well?


So tell me

If it was your friend

Being told tales about

Would you tell them?

Would you ask for their version of events?

Or would you blindly believe the one

Who told the tale first?


~ Greywatcher


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