The Image I Designed.

There are those of us

Who use so many words

To describe and project

An image of who we are.

Beautiful, compassionate

Caring and forgiving

The best friend anyone could have.

Yet in our actions

Behind closed doors

The words we use

Become hollow


For they do not reflect

The person we truly are.


In the public eye

We ooze compassion

For those less unfortunate

Calling for awareness

For situations that have become

In dire need of change.

Though behind closed doors

Through our own eyes

We care nothing for others

Only the image we designed.


Every moment now

Is a photo, a snapshot

Taken of ourselves

Helping, accepting, understanding

The diversity all around us

To persuade others

That this is who we are.

When really all we care about

Is the image we project

Telling the world who we are.

The image that world will love

The image that world will accept

An image that makes you feel better

About all the times

You have not back up what you have said.


There are those of us

That jump on the wagon while the ride is good

To get a beautiful picture

To prove they we doing good.

Yet when the ride becomes rough

And sacrifices need to be made

They are the first people to bail

When all eyes are looking the other way.


There are those of us

Who are only known by

Our words and photos

For we are never around

When action needs to take place.


There are those of us

Who are only known by

Our actions

Yet because we do not advertise them

They go unnoticed

Outshined by those who speak the loudest.


~ Greywatcher


2 thoughts on “The Image I Designed.

    1. Yes, it’s rather unsettling when image matters more to people that the well-being of those and the world around them. Hopefully this poem communicates that perspective =)

      Liked by 2 people

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