Behind You, Always.

You walked off without me

Feet setting out

Upon the path you felt

You had to take.


Alone, you wandered

Through time

Carrying the burden

Of your pain.


Alone, you came to remember

Those you had left behind.


Alone, anger grew

As you looked beside you

And found it empty

We hadn’t joined you.


Sorrow crept

Into you heart, taking root

Spreading quickly throughout

The rest of you.


Alone, you had chosen

To walk in silence

Leaving us without a word

Without an explanation as to why

You chose to go alone.


Alone, you wonder

Why your friends are not beside you

Why they do not care

About how you are doing

Walking this path

Carrying the burden



Alone, you stumble backwards

Dragged down by the burden

That rests heavy upon your shoulders

And find yourself resting

In the arms of those

Friends who had followed

Behind you


To catch you if you fall.


~ Greywatcher











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