Accept Yourself, Love Yourself.

I hid myself away

Within myself

Like a shameful secret

I wished no one to see.


I constructed someone

Those around me approved of

Each new piece I added

Turned my true voice into a whisper

Until I believe I had silenced it



When alone

I would often whisper

‘Forgive me’

Before drowning it again

Beneath the surface I had constructed

Listening again to voices surrounding me.


I continued to live

Tormented by my confliction

About who I truly was.

Cracks were starting to show in my façade

As my inner self desperately tried

To free itself from the dark.


‘Accept yourself, love yourself’

I remember those words well

You were the piece of me

That I wanted to be

Yet I had no courage to confront

The hate and fear I would receive

For being me.


‘Accept yourself, love yourself’

You remind me each day

As I deconstruct the person

I had created to hide you

That construction that allowed me

To fit in with those around me.


‘Accept yourself, love yourself’

I now remind myself

For I told them all who I was

Saddened as I watched

Most of my friends leave me

With words of anger, hate and fear.


‘Accept yourself, love yourself’

You said as I felt a hand on my shoulder

Turning I saw my true friends there

Those who wanted to get to know me

That me, who I buried for so long

That me, who I had silence

That me, who I have now become.


‘Accept yourself, love yourself’

I whisper as I say my goodbye

And more forward

As myself.


~ Greywatcher


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