Deep in the Sand.

How does the sand feel
As you drive your head further in.
Does the world look better?
When your senses are blind.

What are you are thinking
As children around you
Weep for a better world.
One where they are all accepted
Respected and raised with love
One where they can play without fear
Of a bullet to the chest
Or a bomb falling overhead.

How do you pass the time?
Enveloped in such darkness
Ignorant to everything around you
Because you are so consumed with
The one you see in your mind

You’re reasoning, so selfish
It’s why you believe
It’s not up to you to save the world.
You tick a box, pass the torch
To those you vote in charge
They can save the world for you
So you can live a life
Uninterrupted by the bigger picture
Blind to the strings
That move the world around you
As you live your life
With you head
Buried deep in the sand.

~ Greywatcher


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