Clarity in Death

Hand clutches to your chest
The pressure builds
A force from Death.
Air burns
In your lungs
Your eyes search frantically
For your loved ones.

In the silence
Of these last moments
These final seconds of your life
You realize it all
Only a little too late.
All you had gained
Death would not let you take.

You had money, fame and power
And built an empire
Upon the backs of others.
You claimed it was all your effort
Ignoring the privilege you had
Being white, being male, being wealthy
Having access to education and opportunities
And most importantly time.

While you kept reaching
You didn’t see who you were leaving
Each day as you walked out the door.
When they were young
They always wanted you
Now older
They see a stranger
That wants their love and time.

In death you see
All that you took
And the small amount you gave
In those moments that flash
Before your eyes.

Too late, you realize
Your insignificance to those left behind.
You lived life large
Indulging yourself in every moment
Yet these are the actions
That will not be remembered.
In death, you realize
The value you put on money
And material pleasures
Grows worthless with each dying breath.

Death reminds you
You will not be celebrated
Or live on as an immortal
In the memories of those
You leave behind.

~ Greywatcher

(No idea where I was going with this – not sure if I like it or not.  Couldn’t get it out of my head though until I finished it so now that its out I can move on to something else.  Let me know what you think)


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