Holding it all Together.

Once I held
My whole world in my hands.
Each heartbeat
Moved through me
Each pulse
Reminded me how fragile
Our worlds can be.

My memory
Absorbed each feature
Fearing that with the next breath
It would have changed
And my world would be
A stranger once more.

I drew in
A long breath that lasted
What felt like a life-time.
As I committed the scent
Of my world to my heart.
Fearing that I would never smell
Something so beautiful again.

I traced my finger
Across the delicate landscape
And through the deep pools
Of my tears.

My world was breaking
Crumbling in my hands.
Yet I tried to hold on
Fumbling each piece
For another moment
Before my world
Is physically no longer with me
Existing only
In the words or thoughts
Of a memory.

~ Greywatcher


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