Your Ancestors Call

From the past
They reach for you
Calling for you
To remember your roots.

In hushed voices
They whisper
Tales that reach deep
Into your soul
Stirring memories
From another time
That had been untouched
Long forgotten.

In time
The whispers stir you
Into action
And you search
For the thread that will connect you
To your roots.

With silence
The ghosts of the past
Greet you
When find them
As you return.

Within you
A sense of fulfilment
As you find
The lost piece of the puzzle
To yourself.

Beyond them a path
Marked with footprints
Of those who had
Come before.

Without hesitation
You walk
And those ghosts follow
Voices now surround you
Young and old.
Their tales are
Remembered as memories
Of your soul.

~ Greywatcher


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