The Ache.

Consider for a moment
That ache, in the deepest part of your soul.
Acknowledge it without fear or ignorance
For ignoring it will only cause it to grow
Darker and deeper, it will twist and take hold.

The ache will weigh on you
Consuming you entirely over time
You will become a shell, a shadow
An illusion of your once happy self
With a smile you suffer, silently asking for help.

Around you, people pass by
Consumed with their own lives and pain
To them, you give effort, time and compassion
Never asking for such gifts in return.
Amongst them, your smile never fades
Even on your darkest days.

A good friend, a true friend
You’re there for them no matter what time of day.
They praise you, swear oaths to you
Promising to be there for you
Yet amongst them, you feel so lonely
A burden, a problem
A weight they could do without.

In silence, you destroy yourself
Lost and adrift in the fog.
Until one day you find that deep ache
So dark and frightening
A poison in your veins.

Pushing past the hurt
You see beyond those surface scars.
You find the root, the cause that sparked it all
That spread the poison, consuming the self
That you could have been.

~ Greywatcher


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