Avnas – Part 03: Keeper

Anger fuelled him, pushing him onwards under the hot midday sun towards the city of Constantinople. The strong pull of magic tugged on his soul, dragging him in the direction of his siblings. It was a connection made through the tracking spell Avnas had cast months ago and maintained daily as the sun would set. The feeling was rather uncomfortable yet he found it easy to push aside.
His mind fought against the physical ache and hunger throughout his body, the rage burning in his heart allowed him to sweep aside the discomfort. He travelled alone, just because his siblings threw aside all rules and the desire to return home doesn’t mean he should follow suit. He was still committed.
His emotions had consumed him, he didn’t hear the footsteps fall in behind him as he followed the dirt road through the hills. Avnas turned many thoughts over in his head, playing out the conversation that would happen when he met his siblings. Often he imagined them begging for his forgiveness and asking them for his help, other times he would imagine himself bursting in through the wooden door open and snapping the necks of all inside.
Damn them into darkness. He thought bitterly.
“You have had no hand in their actions.” A deep, husky voice behind him stated, snapping Avnas from his thoughts and his heart racing with fear.
As he spun round, he quickly pulled the magic around himself as though it were a shield. Fear gripped him, he knew what he faced. His heart aching as it pounded rapidly against his ribs, adrenaline rushed through his body causing his muscles to tremble. The man he faced towered above him. Avnas could feel the glare of his dark eyes burning into his very soul, laying bare every secret, every though and feeling he had ever had. The sun blinded Avnas as it reflected off of the man’s armour. Over a long coat of golden chain-mail he wore a pristine silver-coloured breastplate, the plate shoulders trimmed in gold and matched the spiked gauntlets. At his belt hung a decorated ivory horn and a scabbard that held a blade Avnas could not identify yet the hilt was beautifully carved and skilfully decorated in gems.
“You cannot punish them.” Avnas choked quietly, covering his eyes from the glare of the sun. His emotions were conflicted, swaying constantly between revenge and forgiveness.
“No. Not yet.” The Keeper said coldly.
“I can fix it. You have no need to enter this world.” Avnas asked even though he doubted he could fix this situation.
“We have all the reason to enter.” He voice cracked with anger. “Your people keep coming through worlds that are not meant for them. Crossing lives that were never meant to be crossed, touching magic that is not yours to touch. How many times must we cleanse these worlds of your mistakes before you learn to stay where you were placed?”
“It is our –“
“Your trial to prove your power?” He interrupted. “I know all about your trials. I have witnessed the history of your kind, those you stepped upon and crushed beneath you in your desire for more power. Tell me you do not believe your world was always so idyllic.”
The Keepers words shook the beliefs Avnas held so deeply. Everything he had been taught, everything written in history never mentioned such destruction amongst his kind to reach such a position of knowledge and power. Surely he was wrong. Avnas knew what the Keepers were though, they were beyond the magical and the physical of all worlds, their soul immortal even when in a physical vessel. There was no doubt he words rung true, why else would he lie.
“This is your warning. We are coming. Those you have touched will be cleansed. Your brother and sister, banished.” His voice declared.
“And me?” Avnas asked.
“We’ll see.” He said, turning to leave.
“I haven’t interfered with this world! I have been a witness, moving through without drawing attention. I have broken none of your laws.” Avnas shouted.
Avnas saw his head tilt down slightly, as though considering his words. Then he watched and the Keeper stepped forward and vanished into the air. Avnas blinked slowly and felt the connection with his siblings tug against his soul. He needed to take them home. He needed to get to them and somehow save them.

~ Greywatcher


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