A Souls Journey.

Slowly drifting within a fevered slumber
Bones aching, flesh burning.
A voice calls, so soft yet demanding
My soul answers, pulled by her call.
I drift though light and into darkness
Before finding myself standing steadily on a vast ocean surface
The sky above stuck in an eternal twilight
The universe still shining just beyond.
A thought enters, an old regret
Suddenly I am pulled under breaking that solid surface.
My arms flail, something holds me under
A hand around my ankle, a face I tried to forget.
My struggle becomes internal
As I wrestle with his hand
I beg, I scream, I plead with him
Forgive me for what I did.
His grip loosens, dead eyes forgive
Yet my soul is in turmoil
Such heavy regrets hold me under
I need to release myself its grip.
One by one, I am forgiven
One by one, I release another
Until I break the ocean’s surface.
A wave collects me, pushing me upwards
Before smashing me into a familiar shore
Where I gather with my loved ones from a life lived before.

~ Greywatcher

* Please feel free to follow my blog and read my other work.


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