Death of Faolan.

She watches, numb. On the ground her wolf-brother whimpers and nips at the multiple arrows embedded into his side. Like a zombie she shuffles forward, forcing her legs to move until she reaches him. By his side she crumbles, falling to her knees stone-faced. Pulling his head into her lap she begins to sing softly to him, stoking the soft white fur around his muzzle. Grief is new to her, tears fall as she accepts that death is calling to him. She strokes his neck, the thick black fur coarse beneath her hand. The wheeze of his lungs rattles in his chest as he struggles for air. Her song a comfort in his final moments.

Greywatcher (My Elven Rogue in the Dragon Age RP system) at the loss of her Wolf-Brother Faolan.

~ Greywatcher


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