Echoing footsteps on the damp stone streets
My mind lost forever in this hazy dream.
Remembering a time of bliss that now feels so foreign to me
Dreaming of things I hope to become
Only for reality to kick me back into a slump.
Do you ask what bothers me out of curiosity?
Or because you simply care.
Even those close to me seem insincere.
I am lost in my misty vision of sorrow
Even I do not know this disease
That pulses through my mind and body
Destroying the very essence of me.
A false smile, a veil of happiness
Silently I plea to you
Just accept the mask on display.
Ignore the cracks and imperfections
Behind my mask is the only place I feel safe.
A forced laugh, a cunning joke
I would not know where to begin
If you noticed I am broken.

~ Greywatcher

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