In the Moment

In every moment you fear the silence
That crippling voice that whispers in your head.
You dread your thoughts
Without direction they would lose control.

Each moment awake you wonder
How long until I drag myself under?
Sabotaging each goal you have worked for
Each relationship you have nurtured.

Each moment awake you wait
For everything you have gained to be taken away.
In the silence, that voice returns
Convincing you to climb no higher.

Every moment you lay awake
Eyes wide, contemplating another way.
What if I had? What if I done?
Did I make the right choice or was I wrong?

In your dreams, your worries continue
The voice now has complete control.
You toss and you turn as you are made to follow
And witness your doubts play out before you.

In the moment you wake, you remember
The doubts and the voice that constructed your dream.
Every morning, in the silence you chose
To succumb to the fear or continue to climb.

~ Greywatcher

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