The Puppet Master

They sit upon their leather throne
Watching their chaos consume the world.
They pull a string, a country crumbles
They pull a string, a country starves
A string is added, another slave for the puppet master.

In this world, they live as Gods
Money and power allow them control.
Another string, satisfies their greed
Another string, to see to their needs.
More money, more glory, the world is theirs
And they whisper us the story.

We consume, without question
We believe, without doubt
We fear, without reason
From cradle to the grave
We dance to the story they tell.

Can the puppet pull the strings?
Even one could start a ripple
That moves through the masses so they begin to question
So that they turn and see the string
That one has started a movement
A ripple of change as the puppets take control.

~ Greywatcher

* Please feel free to follow my blog and read my other work.


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