Shred of Dying Dream

In my hands a sheet of ice so thin
Holds my very dreams.
With doubt it cracks
With fear it weeps
With hesitation it slips and falls.

Panicking I race to catch it
Fumbling as my hands slice against the edges
I hold my breath as time slows down around me.
In that time I reflect
On past moments, my regrets.
As a child, the sheet of ice was so thick
Doubt could not crack it
Fear could not melt it
And there was no hesitation in living the dreams I’d seen.

Though as I aged the ice became thinner
I began to hesitate following those dreams.
People would tell me to settle for the Earth
Rather than reach for the stars
That I could not fulfill what I dreamed.
The more they talked, the more I listened
Until the voice became mine
Self-belief faded.

By my feet, the ice exploded
A thousand pieces, in all directions.
I could have cried, if I had cared
But I was numb, I had accepted the fear.
In a shard, a small flicker danced
Catching my eye
A dream I had held for so long appeared.
Hope stirred, do I dare?

In my hands a shard of ice so small
Holds one little dream.
Pushing past all doubt and fear
There is no hesitation in following that dream now.

~ Greywatcher


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2 thoughts on “Shred of Dying Dream

  1. I love your use of diction with ice and how it reflects fear and doubt. At the same time the shard reflects what we really want in life and how we should follow that dream, no matter how small it is. It completely sets the tone of the poem and I love the overall message. Thank you for sharing =)


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