Poisonous Thought

Ever so quietly, it crept up on me
Sinking deep beneath my skin.
There it twisted, turned and blackened
A single thought turned vile as sin.
Ignored at first, it spread and grew
Through blood and bone, muscle and snew.

The thought turned into obsession
I was aware of it every waking moment
Every person that passed me I would silently question
“What do they see when they look at me?”
Do they see my imperfections, my fear and self-doubt?
When they see me how do they judge me?
A single thought turned into so much self-hatred
How did I let it take control?

The thought began as one comment
What was unique became a flaw
That flaw became the thought that grew and took control.
One look became a linger
As I stood before the mirror
Suddenly one flaw became two
Until all of me was imperfect.

Like a slow poison, the thought had consumed me
My own self-perception had been twisted
All self-confidence was consumed.

~ Greywatcher

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