In my Time of Dying

My last breath will be one of a shattered dream
Seeping silently through cold blue lips
It is with blurred sight I see the boundaries of our worlds
Which I shall soon cross with but one last sigh.

A vision came to me before before Death came to claim me
Of a world much like ours, where home held a true meaning
The balance was even and the song was an ancient tune of melancholy
There the sun and the moon did not rise or fall
Dreams were reality and do not break at the time of waking
There I could create my haven, my home, my piece of paradise…

Yet I visit you, staring at you through the veil
Your eyes red as you have lost all your tears
I whisper to you, do not grieve
Or let yourself be sorrowed by past memories
For when your cards of fate are called
And death places that kiss upon your lips
Stealing your last breath of life
I will be there at your time of parting
When you leave that world to join me here.

~ Greywatcher

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