Her Surrender

Razor blades drag deep into the flesh
Rope tightens around her neck
Life escaping into the other world
Her time ends here in this damp room…

Slowly rocking the blood is dripping
She died slowly while the air was escaping
She should have made a proper noose
She should have cut deeper in
She should have turned her back and faced the world again.

But simple as it seems, easy as it is to say
Do not simplify what killed her on this clouded day.
The dark sky moans and weeps
As dark wings descend from the Western gate
To guide her through the valley of the dead
Where the ancient melancholy song is sung
She remembers all from past and present
Her destination is clear in front
Yet her chance to walk that path
Is no more, she gave it up.

~ Greywatcher

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2 thoughts on “Her Surrender

  1. On a suicidal day this is not easy to read, but I can completely identify with this poem. Check out my first post on my blog, I was expressing a similar suicidal feeling. Thank you.


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