Fallen Angel

A sorrow beats within her chest,
As the dawn sky is displayed before her
Tears slowly drip down her soft porcelain skin
No meaning to their falling grace.

Stripped of her freedom to know and live
Bound to a world she let herself fall in
There is no escape from these earthly bounds
Without causing a broken heart
No escape from this isolated feeling
For she has fallen too far.

Can anyone hear her whimpers?
Or her cries of desperate release
She screams for redemption
To be forgiven for her choice.

But as her shackles tighten
She loses her last glimpse of hope
She will not be forgiven; she will not be freed
The chains are worn, the end is seen
What choice has she left?
Can she forgive herself?

~ Greywatcher

* Please feel free to follow my blog and read my other work.


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