Avnas – Part 01. Arrival

His eyes flickered open, around him stars shimmered lightly in the darkness, illuminating the cavern he had appeared in. Pain shot through his nerves as his body became aware of its existence, magical transitions between worlds are never so pleasant he thought to himself. Blinking, his vision cleared and he found the stars were not as they seemed. As he struggled to his feet, he took a closer look and found them to be small larvae stuck in the cavern walls, emitting a strange blue glow.

“Beautiful” he whispered to himself.

A soft groan pulled his attention towards the shadows not far from where he had awoken. Limping over he saw the small broken body of his sister curled up in pain, blood seeping out from her ears and nose. A large man loomed over her whispering words of comfort as he stroked the long blonde strands of her away from her face.

“Andras, how bad?” Avnas quietly asked.

“These transitions are killing her Avnas” the large man said calmly, breaking the still silence.  “We have to stop.” He begged.

Avnas could see the pain in his brother’s face as he slowly lowered himself down by his sister. Carefully he inspected her, noting the dark fresh bruises on her pale white skin and the arm that twisted in an unnatural way.  Avnas knew they couldn’t stop, they were almost home.

“Rheassa, my sweet little sister. You are so brave.” He whispered in comfort as her took her broken arm and straightened it out. Andras kept stroking Rheassa’s golden hair, preparing her for what his brother was about to do.

“You are so strong.” Avnas whispered, closing his eyes and focusing on the arm. In his minds-eye he could see multiple breaks in the bones of her arm and damage to her organs.

“You are gentle, kind and wise.” Avnas pulled the flow of magic in this world towards him so it washed over him. With more thought, he then manipulated the flow into himself, filling himself with the strong amount of energy.

“Forgive me for all this pain.” With a push, Avnas moved the energy out of himself and into his sister’s body. He manipulated its flow, using it to shift the bones in her arm back into place and forced her body to mend. He mended the torn tissues and stopped the internal bleeding throughout the rest of her body. He was so focused he didn’t hear his sister screaming in agony or see his brother holding her in place as she withered beneath his large hands. All he could see was in his minds-eye, the broken bones and torn muscle until her body was fully mended.

Avnas released the magic back into the world and opened his eyes to see his sister sobbing into his brother’s lap. He felt sorry for his sister yet understood the price they had to pay.

“We’ll rest in this world a while till we are ready to travel again. You know the rules, we have come this far let us not fall to ruin now.” Avnas warned, getting back onto his feet.

~ Greywatcher


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