(01) Arianna Corvus (SW:ToR Fan-Fiction)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan-fiction inspired by and using character’s and elements from Star Wars: The Old Republic, creative property of Bioware.

The Legacy of House Corvus

Arianna Corvus

Chapter One: A Tale of Two Sisters



The stars were still out, bright in the dawn sky as Arianna took her usual morning walk towards the river.  The Jedi Temple loomed behind her in the fading darkness. Her boots crunched softly against the lightly frosted grass, her senses awoken by the crisp morning breeze that chilled her skin and the world around her was quiet and still. Her training was at an end and she was no longer a Padawan yet she felt at a loss, somewhat incomplete she thought as she walked. Lonely. The thought cut through her heart, in all her time here at the Jedi Temple she had not made any friends, even her twin was just a face in the crowd. They saw her wisdom and calmness and would often seek her guidance or to unburden their worries and fears. During her times of meditation she would free herself from the burden they placed upon her and be at peace again. Though today was different she realised as she walked, she could not help but dig up all those burdens and dwell on them. Memories of disappointment, hurt and abandonment bubbled up; those who swore they will be there for her but never showed, those who vowed to return her compassion but in the end never cared and those who vowed friendship yet never took the time to listen.

A tear slipped and trailed down her soft pale cheek, the warmth a relief to her chilled skin. A memory stirred of the last time she cried in a childhood she had long forgotten. Her parents had bought her to the Jedi not long after her forth birthday, she held her sisters hand tightly as they followed them towards their final destination. Her sister wept while Arianna held her head high, stifling any emotions that might cause her façade to crumble. When it was time to go her mother whispered words of courage and her father praised her strength. Be brave Arianna, you are the first in our family to walk the path to become a Jedi. Do not fall off that path. Luna shrieked as their hands separated, she screamed out Arianna’s name. Arianna kept her head high as she parted ways with her family, following the Jedi towards her new home. Her lip trembled, her heart began to race and then a tear fell followed by more. No she remembered the softness of the word she whimpered before turning on her heel to run back towards her sister, embracing her tightly and sobbing into her shoulder. Her father tore her from her sister’s arms, Arianna begged for them to let her stay but they wouldn’t listen. Her mother turned and left without another word and dragged Luna away with her. You need to go she remember her father saying coldly as he pushed her forward and turned away. Several more tear’s slipped down her face as she walked along the river bank. She mourned for the childhood she could have had, the childhood Luna talked often about. Holidays with their other siblings, memories you had to have been there to see the humour of and of course a connection with their mother before she passed away of illness. It was ten years after Arianna’s arrival on Tython that Luna had shown up with Father, they were different to the people she remembered. Father was cold-hearted, there was no longer any light in his eyes, and all he talked about was Arianna’s achievements and his desire for her to be more. Luna hadn’t even looked at Arianna until frustration got the better of her and she snapped. Did he mention mother is dead? We buried her last week, it would have been nice of you to say goodbye to the person that gave birth to you. Arianna recalled those exact words. She remembered the hurt in her sister’s eyes and the fleeting sadness on her father’s face before he turned from them and left the room. The roar of the waterfall snapped her mind back to the present moment. Looking up from the ground, the beauty of the sunrise stunned her with amazement. The sun was about to peek over the mountains and the sky was a wild display of deep red and orange against a backdrop of blue. “Dwell on the past and you miss seeing the present.” Arianna whispered to herself as she took in the sight. She smiled, remembering her mother’s last words to her. She needed to be in the present, Master Yuon is relying on her, she cannot let herself be haunted and dragged down by the past. Slowly, she closed her eyes and inhaled the cold morning air, allowing her heart and mind to settle.  Exhaling, she visualised her worries being released and becoming nothing yet something remained, a small niggle of a thought. Arianna groaned, this morning would be a difficult meditation yet she knew she could not leave for Coruscant until her mind was clear.  She moved towards her usual sitting place, a large bolder not far from the waterfall that jutted out from the bottom of the cliff.  Arianna brushed the frost off that had covered the surface of the bolder with her gloved hands.  Sitting herself crossed-legged on the rock she could feel the uncomfortable damp chill seep through her robes and into her skin.  Arianna closed her eyes and pushed the feeling from her mind.  She emptied her mind and focused on the force flowing around her and through her.  The physical world fell away from all though, she no longer felt the chill of the morning air or the dampness of the bolder she sat upon.  One by one she pulled the worries into the forefront of her mind; the friend that was not a friend, she helped him focus himself and bring balance to his life that was enough for her, friendship was not the price.  She remembered the loss for the childhood she didn’t have, Luna’s stories always made her feel empty.  She remembered the childhood she did have, the friends she did make that have moved on from their training and the memories she made – they were not her blood they were family.  Each worry she went through, she reflected upon and remembered what she did gain until there was nothing left but her enlightened mind and the flow of the force. Arianna didn’t notice the amount of time that had passed though she did feel the presence of the person approaching her, their energy familiar to her. “Luna” Arianna spoke plainly, maintaining her meditation pose without opening her eyes. “Knew I would find you down here.   How can stand coming out here every morning, freezing your arse off as you pick through that brain of yours? Could be smart like the rest of us and meditate inside.” “The waterfall, helps me clear my mind and relax.” Arianna replied.  The interruption caused her to loose focus, her meditation was broken. “I hear you’re a Jedi now, off to Corusant to save the world.” Luna replied sarcastically, moving closer to Arianna. “You don’t approve?” “No, I do.  I think it will be best for you.” Luna smirked. Arianna’s eyes opened and she looked at her sister, she saw the distinct red mow-hawk, pierced face and deep blue eyes of her sister glaring back at her. She could feel her twin’s anger and knew she wasn’t happy with the outcome. With Arianna away from Tython who would help her when she struggled through her training. Luna excelled in combat yet other areas she had always sought out her sisters help.  Arianna sighed, slipping her body off the rock and onto her feet. “Walk back with me?” Arianna asked her sister. “Sure.” Neither spoke, the still morning was almost silent except for the soft crunch of the frozen grass under their boots as they made their way back to the Jedi Temple. “How do you feel about it?” Arianna asked quietly. “Good.” “Good?” Arianna was surprised. “I can finally get out of your shadow.  People might remember my name then.” “I’m sorry it feels like that for you.” Arianna said sadly as she stopped and turned to face her sister.  She searched for the words but had no idea on what she wanted to say.  A small shred of a memory stirred deep in her mind.  The young child being forced away from her family towards the unknown.  She didn’t choose this life, father pushed her into it.  She didn’t choose to be strong in the force.  Arianna paused, those deep emotions stirred again and before she know it anger rose and the words she had been thinking spilled out. “I’m sorry that I made the choice to perform to the best of my ability.  I’m sorry that by doing so you were over shadowed.  People do know your name though, they do see your ability and acknowledge you.  You are just angry that it doesn’t match the vision in your head and I cannot be sorry for that.”  Shock came over Arianna, such an outburst was not like her.  Luna looked just as shocked, taken aback by Arianna’s words. Swiftly, Arianna turned away from her sister and continued her walk back the Jedi Temple alone.  She tried to push the anger away, cursing herself for the lack of control yet something in her felt satisfied. ~ Greywatcher


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