Welcome to Tales from the Grey.

This blog is pretty much a place for me to post my writings (short stories and poetry mainly) to share with those who might find them an interesting or an entertaining read.  I am still pretty new to WordPress, learning how to make things look nice and readable so please be warned that things might change – look wise of course.

By no means am I a professional writer – I write to express myself and this usually means grammar mistakes and typos and I hope by blogging my work I will improve on my writing skills.

Please keep feedback positive, if you don’t like what you read that’s okay because now I am writing for the audience of me. Any constructive feedback would be most welcome.

Queenstown – New Zealand.


Thank you for looking, reading etc.  Please remember: in regards to my own work please respect my rights to my work and do not claim as your own material.  If you wish to use my work please contact me.

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